Children in Iran face grave human rights violations by security forces

The recent report by Human Rights Watch on the actions of the Iranian security forces towards children is deeply concerning. The documented cases of torture, abuse and killings are unacceptable and require immediate attention from the international community. As responsible global citizens, we must urge the Iranian government to take immediate action to stop these atrocities and bring the perpetrators to justice.

It is imperative that the international community comes together to demand accountability and justice for these innocent children. We cannot turn a blind eye to such heinous crimes and must take action to ensure that the human rights of all individuals, including children, are protected. We call on all governments and organizations to join us in condemning these actions and to take concrete steps towards ensuring that such abuses do not occur again.

In conclusion, we cannot stand idly by while innocent children are subjected to such horrific treatment. We must act now to demand justice and accountability for these atrocities. Let us come together as a global community to ensure that the human rights of all individuals are respected and protected.

According to Human Rights Watch, the report is based on interviews with 24 former detainees, including 10 children, as well as lawyers, activists, and family members of victims. The report also cites official statements, media reports, and videos and photographs of the events. The report details how security forces used excessive force, including live ammunition, tear gas, and batons, to disperse peaceful protests in November 2019. The report also documents how security forces arrested thousands of protesters and bystanders, including children as young as 10, and subjected them to torture, ill-treatment, and coerced confessions in detention centers across the country.

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